10 AdSense Plugins for WordPress

May 26, 2013 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to earn money online with your blog. If your blog is powered by WordPress, you may want to use a plugin for inserting AdSense ad units into your web pages. There are many free AdSense WordPress plugins. Most of them simply inserts ad codes while others offer advanced features for customization and optimization. Find here a list of best & free AdSense plugins for WordPress.

AdSense WordPress Plugins

AdSense is an advertising service from Google. It enabled website owners and bloggers to earn revenue from their online content. It is easy to use. All you have to do is signup as a publisher and add AdSense ad codes to your web pages. But wait! Simply pasting ad codes everywhere is not going to make you rich overnight. In fact, it might break ad placement policies and even result in a banned AdSense account. If you are using WordPress platform, you can leave your worries to a plugin. A good AdSense WordPress plugin not only helps in inserting ads codes but also ensures that your web pages never violates Google AdSense ad placement policies.

Quick AdSense:

One of the most popular advertisement management plugins for WordPress powered blogs and websites. Quick AdSense offers an easy to use interface for insertion of ad units (AdSense and others) into a web page. You can even insert ad units while writing a blog post! Yes, Quick AdSense adds several quicktag buttons to the HTML editor of WordPress. So, ad code insertion is a child’s play now!

Quick AdSense Plugin

The settings page supports creation of 10 different ad units for post body and 10 different units for sidebar widget. Multiple positioning options are also available. For example: display ads at the beginning of post, at the middle of post, end of post, after ‘more’ tag, before last paragraph, after certain images and after certain paragraphs (3 options). For each position, you can select an ad type. One of the good features of Quick AdSense plugin is that it supports randomization. You can set it to display ads randomly anywhere within a page. If you don’t like quicktags in HTML editor , you can disable that feature right from the settings page.

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AdSense Extreme:

AdSense Extreme is a free plugin with tons of features. It inserts ads automatically, offers multiple customization options and also ensure that your blog never breaks 3 ad units per page Google Adsense policy. If you want to maximize your ad revenue by optimizing AdSense ad unit placements, don’t miss AdSense Extreme plugin.

AdSense Extreme Plugin

From the plugin control panel, you can setup up to 8 different ad types. In the adjust your ads section, you can select ad type and customize various settings such as ad unit dimensions, corners, colors, margin around ad unit etc. In the where to show ads section, you can control position and alignment of ad units per single post or static page. You can also set it to display an ad unit only when the article text length is more than a number of characters (such as 2500 characters). AdSense Extreme will also let you control ad display on home page, search result pages and archives.

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Google AdSense Plugin:

This is one of the most popular AdSense plugins for WordPress. It will let you control placement and display of ad units on your web pages. Google AdSense Plugin supports all types and formats of ad units. Customization options include positioning of ad units, number of ads, ad unit color scheme, ad unit corner style etc. Google AdSense Plugin can insert ads into your web pages automatically. So, no need to edit theme files. One thing I don’t like about this plugin is option to donate ad space. Otherwise it is a nice little plugin.

AdSense Plugin

Download Link:

Easy AdSense Lite:

One of the most popular WordPress plugins for AdSense, Easy AdSense offers various options to customize placement and display of ad units. It will offer you different ad blocks for posts and posts. Multiple sidebar widgets are also available for displaying advertisements (AdSense for content, link units and search boxes). For better ad placements, you can choose to display ads in the beginning of post or end of post. Ad units can be aligned right or left and even text-wrapped. This plugin ensures that your ad placements meet Google AdSense policy (maximum three ad blocks). It will also let you choose to prevent display of ads on certain IP addresses. Another plus point of Easy AdSense plugin is that it can handle any kind of advertisement. Besides AdSense ad units, you can place own text advertisements and ad tags from other providers.

Easy AdSense Lite Plugin

Download Link:


Another powerful ad management plugin for WordPress. Features include in post ads, support for multiple ad networks, geo targeting, ad styles, one click privacy policy, one Click Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Copyright notices, tracking code management etc. Wp-Insert can display ads in different positions such as above the content, below the content, middle of content, left of content, right of content. This free plugin offers shortcodes, widget ads and ability to insert ads via template functions. After activation, Wp-Insert adds multiple menus in your WordPress dashboard. From there you can manage in-post ads, ad widgets (up to 20), and ad tags (up to 20). Additional menus are also added for tasks like setup of legal pages, adding tracking codes and enabling/disabling syntax highlighting.

Wp-Insert Plugin

Download Link:

WP Simple Adsense Insertion:

This free plugin supports insertion of AdSense ads by using a simple shortcode or by adding a PHP code to your theme files. The settings page is simple and comes with 5 ad campaign code boxes. So, you can add up to 5 ad units in the AdSense Insertion setting page. For displaying any specific ad unit, all you have to do is use the respective shortcode such as [wp_ad_camp_3] in your post, page or sidebar widget. Advanced users may use PHP code in proper theme templates.

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AdRotate is an advanced ad management plugin with ability to manage multiple individual ad units, blocks of ads and ad groups. Besides Google Adsense, it supports custom banner ads and ad tags from other services. Some of the key features of AdRotate include disable ads after certain number of views/clicks, disable ads after certain period, banner previews, multiple groups per banner location, unlimited widgets, stats for ads, warning before expiry of ads and more. This free WordPress plugin (pro version available) supports ad display via shortcodes, widgets and PHP template code.

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Google Adsense Plug and Play:

A simple plugin that really works. After installation, just update your AdSense publisher ID in the settings page and ads will start to appear on your web pages. Ad unit types (square, banner, big rectangle) and colors can be easily modified from the settings page. You can also set where to display ads and limit their numbers per post/page. If you don’t like too many settings, use this plugin.

Google Adsense Plug and Play Plugin

Download Link:

Simple Ads Manager:

Simple Ads Manager is free ad management plugin flexible options for display of advertisement units. After activation, this plugin ads a new menu with links for managing ads places, ads zones and ads blocks. You can add a new place/zone/block by using that menu. It is just like writing a blog post. Supported ad code formats include JavaScript, HTML and POP.

Simple Ads Manager Plugin

So, you can use this plugin to insert Google AdSense ad units into your web pages. An ad unit can be displayed via shortcode, template function or a widget. In the settings section of Simple Ads Manager plugin, you can modify access level, views per ad per cycle or rotation, target window for advertisement source, ad placement in a post/page (before, middle and after content). This plugin can record hits and clicks on your ad units. So, it is more than a simple AdSense ad insertion plugin. Recommended for advanced users.

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Google Adsense Dashboard for WP:

This plugin is not related to ad unit placements. It offer detailed info of your AdSense account right on your blog dashboard. Google Adsense Dashboard for WP can display your total earning, page views, number of clicks, CTR, CPC, CPM etc. It will also let you select date ranges for your Adsense account information. Google Adsense Dashboard for WP plugin uses Google AdSense management API. You can even control who sees your dashboard. For example: you can set it to allow editors or authors to view your AdSense account info and statistics.

Google Adsense Dashboard for WP Plugin

Download Link:

So, did you liked the above 10 AdSense Plugins for WordPress? Which one you liked or disliked? Don’t forget to leave your opinion or comments.

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