25 Free 4 Column WordPress Themes

March 8, 2008 $ Written by EarnBlogger

WordPress is an amazing tool for building a good quality blog. The look of an WordPress blog depends on the theme. And the theme depends on the content of the blog. A 4-Column WordPress theme means more space for your content. Today, we have listed 25 free and 4 Column WordPress themes, created by different people. Pick a suitable theme and use it on your blog.

News Print V2.0: This is a 4 column WordPres Theme, suitable for News Sites. You can also use this as a 3 column theme.

4 Column WordPress Theme

Techicon: Techicon 4-column theme looks simple but has enough space for lots of content. Read my post on Techicon theme.


Slined Mod 2.0: Beautifully designed, dark colored, 4-column WordPress theme. Suitable for gaming or download related blogs!

4-column wordpress theme

Royal Blue: Blue colored, 4-column wordpress theme with a professional look.

Royal Blue Theme

FourWPTP: 4-column, widget ready theme for your professional blog. FourWPTP is nicely optimized for your ads.

FourWPTP 4-column Theme

Garden 3.0 – Good quality, 4-column theme. It looks clean, with lots of white space.

Garden 3.0 WordPress Theme

Neo-Sapien 0.6: Nice 4 column theme developed by Small Potato. Updated version of Neo-Sapien 0.5.

Neo-Sapien 4-column WordPress

Quadruple Blue: Another simple, 4-column, widget-ready theme.

Quadruple Blue Theme

Simply Tree Light: Simple, imageless, widget-ready, 4 column WordPress theme. Uses light green and brown color of a tree, in the color scheme.

Simply Tree Light Theme

YGo Greenary 1.0: Another 4-column WordPress theme. Looks simple and green!

YGo Greenary Theme

Fjords08: Uncommon, four column WordPress theme. The color scheme looks pleasant.

Fjords08 WordPress Theme

BlueLagoon 1.0: A 4-column WordPress theme with fixed width. Looks clean with blue color.

Bluelagoon WordPress theme

NewYorker 3.0: A simple and lightweight WordPress theme with 4 columns and custom icons.

NewYorker 3.0 WordPress Theme

NYC Reds 3.0: A four column WordPress theme with custom icons, flash clock. A beautiful theme for your news blog.

NYCReds 4 column wordpress theme

BlogTimes 3.17: A four column theme with a magazine/newspaper style design. Fully widgetized sidebars and footer.

BlogTimes WordPress Theme

Clean 3.17: Newspaper style WordPress Theme with a fluid four column design. Built in recent comments and related post and supports flickr photos.

Clean 4 Column Theme

Blue Jean Cop 3.0: A dark, four column WordPress theme with custom icons. Shows flickr photos on sidebar.

Blue Jean Cop WordPress Theme

Susy 1.2: A very simple WordPress theme with four columns. Different colors are available.

Susy 4 Column Theme

City in Paint V2: A good looking WordPress theme with four columns. The background images makes it suitable for city related blogs. The right sidebar also looks good.

City in Paint WordPress Theme

Identification Band – The Quadruple: A simple WordPress theme with four columns.

Identification Band Theme

Sensible Blogging: A four column WordPress theme, optimized for showing Google AdSense ads.

Sensible Blogging Theme

Annoyed: A 4-column WordPress theme designed by WPDesigner to annoy you!

Annoyed WordPress Theme

Four Columns Kubrick: A 4-column WordPress theme based on the famous Kubrick theme.

4 Column Kubrick Theme

RossoNeri 1.0: Dark, four column WordPress theme. Shows latest posts, latest comments and popular posts in header section.

RossoNeri 4 column theme

YGo CMS 1.0: A simple, 4-column WordPress theme. Three sections in footer.

YGo CMS WordPress Theme

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