40 Best 2 Column Blogger Templates

April 25, 2008 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Using Blogger platform for blogging? Need some cool templates for your blogs? Take a look at this list of 2 column Blogger templates. Some of these templates looks very professional. Choose the suitable template and use it on your own blog. All of them are free.

Softlight Blogger Template

  • Softlight: A 2 column Blogger template with beautiful color scheme. Looks professional. (Demo | Download)

iWork Blogger Template

  • iWork: Beautifully designed template for Blogger blogs. It was originally designed as a wordpress theme by Nicola Di Trento. Header graphics gives it a professional look. (Demo | Download)

Underground Blogger Template

  • Underground: A 2 column template for Blogger blogs. Black and red color scheme gives it a professional look. (Demo | Download)

Salmon Blogger Template

  • Salmon: Beautiful 2 column template with a professional look. The sidebar is on right and the footer section has three columns. It was originally a WordPress theme created by Justin Shattuck. (Demo | Download)

Harvest Hirious Blogger Template

  • Harves Thirious: Template for blogger with 2 columns, fixed width and left sidebar. (Demo | Download)

Greenery Blogger Template

  • Greenery: As the name says, this template has lots of green color. Looks beautiful with the header graphics. (Demo | Download)

Andreas02 Blogger Template

  • Andreas02: Beautiful 2 column template with clean color scheme. Tabs in the header section gives it a professional look. (Demo | Download)

Agua Blogger Template

  • Agua: A clean template with right sidebar. (Demo | Download)

Plain Office Blogger Template

  • Plain Office: Clean and simple template for Blogger. (Demo | Download)

Integral Blogger Template

  • Integral: Beautiful template for Blogger with rounded header and green and sky-blue color scheme. (Demo | Download)

Web2.0 Blogger Template

  • Web 2.0: A black and white template for Blogger. Originally created by DezainerFolio for WordPress blogs. (Demo | Download)

Red-White Web2.0 Template

  • Red-White Web 2.0: Beautiful template for blogspot blogs with red and black color scheme. (Demo | Download)

K2 Blogger Template

  • K2: A simple template for Blogger. Inspired by K2 WordPress theme. (Demo | Download)

Midnight Blogger Template

  • Midnight: Beautiful 2 column, dark template for Blogger. (Demo | Download)

Erudite Blogger Template

  • Erudite: A beautiful template with big header graphics. (Demo | Download)

Andreas08 Blogger Template

  • Andreas08: Another simple template for blogspot blogs.
    (Demo | Download)

Emire Blogger Template

  • Emire: Simple template for blogspot blogs. Originally designed by if Design.
    (Demo | Download)

Minyx Blogger Template

  • Minyx: A beautifully designed Blogger template. (Demo | Download)

iPhone Blogger Template

  • iPhone: A blogger template, inspired by iPhone. Suitable for gadget related blogs. (Demo | Download)

Blue Stripe Blogger Template

  • Blue Stripe: A blogger template with 2 columns and fixed width. Looks clean and professional. (Demo | Download)

Glossy Blue Blogger Template

  • Glossy Blue: Originally a WordPress theme, converted to Blogger by JackBook. (Demo | Download)

Earthling Blogger Template

  • Earthling: Beautiful template for Blogger, with a green trees and blue skies in the header. (Demo | Download)

Peaceful Rush Blogger Template

  • Peaceful Rush: Beautifully designed brown or creamy brown colored template. (Demo | Download)

Chocolate Candy Blogger Template

  • Chocolate Candy: As the name says, this template uses chocolate color in color scheme. Originally it was a WordPress theme, created by web-kreation.com. (Demo | Download)

iTheme Blogger Template

  • iTheme: Another beautiful 2 column template for Blogger. (Demo | Download)

Recipes Blogger Template

  • Recipes: Two column blogger template with beautiful color scheme and header graphics. Suitable for food related blogs. (Demo | Download)

Kids Blogger Template

  • Kids: As the name says, this template comes with a beautiful header featuring some cute kids. (Demo | Download)

Dark Spark Blogger Template

  • Dark Spark: A beautiful dark template for Blogger blogs. (Demo | Download)

Wiremesh Blogger Template

  • Wiremesh: Another 2 column, dark template for Blogger blogs. Sidebar is on left. (Demo | Download)

Natural Beauties Template

  • Natural Beauties: Simple 2 column Blogger template with left sidebar. (Demo | Download)

Mushblue Blogger Template

  • Mushblue: A 2 column dark template with right sidebar. (Demo | Download)

Pink Stars Blogger Template

  • Pink Stars: A pink colored blogger template with right sidebar. Suitable for girl blogs. (Demo | Download)

Graydient Blogger Template

  • Graydient: Two column Blogger template with right side bar. Menus on header. (Demo | Download)

Flowers Blogger Template

  • Flowers: Another beautiful template for Blogger. This great design was created by DezinerFolio. (Demo | Download)

Celebrity Blogger Template

  • Celebrity: Beautiful pink template for blogspot blogs. The header image makes it suitable for celebrity blogs. (Demo | Download)

NewZen Blogger Template

  • NewZen: Simple two column template with AJAX sidebar menu. (Demo | Download)

Christmas Blogger Template

  • Christmas: It is a simple holiday template with a vivid red and green color scheme. The header image adds a charm to this 2 column template. (Demo | Download)

Simplicity 2.0 Blogger Template

  • Simplicity 2.0: Nicely designed blogger template with left sidebar. (Demo | Download)

Missing Piece Blogger Template

  • Missing Piece: Good color scheme gives this 2 column template a cool look. The sidebar is on right. (Demo | Download)

Rounded Blue Blogger Template

  • Rounded Blue: Beautiful template with right sidebar. The background image gives it an elegant look. (Demo | Download)

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  1. Beautiful templates!!
    Are these useable for BLOGSPOT?

    Are these free?

    Sre instructions given in English also or only in Spanish?

    Thank you.

  2. Khan,
    All the above templates were made for Blogspot or Blogger powered blogs. All of them are free and installation is very easy. For any kind of help you can contact the respective template designers. Well, I can also help you in some template teaks. Thanks.

  3. 1.I wanna use a template with 2 columns and the sidebar in left….i will like a darker(bat) template.

    2.The Midnight template looks pretty dark, but can I change the top picture and insert pictures in post, or even sidebar new widgets, for exemple “about me” with a picture inserted?

    Thank you for help.

  4. Thanks for your comment. You can easily edit the Midnight template to match with your needs. That means you can easily change the header picture or use widgets on sidebar. The download link is not working. If you want a widgetized version of this template send me a mail.

  5. What beautiful templates! I have not used this template because I have just found it. I will download later for my new blog. Thank you very much.

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