Demographic Bidding in AdWords

January 24, 2008 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Google has introduced a new demographic bidding feature in AdWords. This new feature will help you to display your ads to specific gender and age group audiences on some sites in the Google content network. According to the Official AdWords Blog, it is still in beta and they hopes to start the testing stage within a few weeks. Interested AdWords advertisers from the US and UK can take part in the testing.

How this demographic bidding feature will work? According to Google AdWords:

Demographic bidding and reports are available to advertisers who run contextually targeted or placement-targeted campaigns (with CPC or CPM bidding) on certain sites in the Google content network. Here’s how it works: Some publishers in our network, such as social networking sites, know the gender and age of their users because their users sign in with that information when they create a profile or fill out registration or subscription forms. Participating publishers anonymize this user reported demographic data and then send it to Google in aggregate form, allowing us to adjust which ads are shown to members of specific demographic groups.

Demographic bidding means you get more control over who your audience is and greater insight into how your ads perform with certain demographic groups. There are two ways you can use demographic bidding. First, you can modify your bids for a particular audience segment, such as increasing your bid for 25-34 year-old males by 230%. Second, you can ask that your ads not be shown to certain demographic groups if they aren’t meeting your ROI goals.

If you’re not sure which demographic converts best for you, you can run Demographic Reports to guide your bids for certain groups. These reports can show you campaign performance metrics by the gender and age range of users who saw your ad. You can increase your bids for well converting demographic groups, increasing the frequency your ad will be shown to this audience. You can also choose to have your ad hidden from certain groups that don’t respond well to your campaign.

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  1. Great decision taken by google. I think time has come to utilize my $50 adwords given by bluehost ;) . Hey are you aware of any geocentric campaign by google. I think with geocentric advertisement with contextual adds i can target from US. My site’s alex ranking in pretty pathetic. :D

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