Free Magazine Style Red Carpet WordPress Theme

March 5, 2009 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Looking for a free premium quality WordPress theme? Take a look at the brand new Red Carpet theme, which is a free magazine style WordPress theme inspired by the popular ‘People’ magazine site. Some of it’s features includes automatic thumbnails generation, short code support for tens of video sites, gravatars, custom photo and video templates, built-in feedburner subscription, article sharing, and 4 widgetized sidebars. It is colorful, easy to customize and perfect for entertainment blog. I can’t believe that it is available for free download! Take a look at the screenshot below and grab a copy today!

Red Carpet Magazine Theme

Red Carpet Magazine Theme

Features of Red Carpet WorPress WordPress theme:

  • Free premium quality WordPress theme.
  • One configuration file for theme setup.
  • Can post stories, photos, or videos easily!
  • Advertisement spots can be managed through configuration file.
  • Different template for News, Photos, and Videos.
  • Custom photo gallery script to display the photos.
  • Custom video gallery for video display.
  • Custom Archives page.
  • Displays most read stories, or most viewed photos/videos.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation.
  • Built-in FeedBurner subscription form.
  • Supports tens of video sites and formats for short code video postings.
  • Widget-ready, 4 dynamic sidebars!
  • Built-in Gravatars support.
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.7.

Theme Demo | Download Link (Sorry, the theme is no longer free!)

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  1. Klisi, please, can you tell me how did you edit and configure all options? I really can’t do it, i don’t know how… Thank you!!

  2. Open in any text editor and set the preferences. First look for the line – “Setup primary categories (Very important)” and specify the category IDs for photo and video categories.

    Then look at the bottom and specify your Feedburner ID, Ad codes, and text links. Other options are also easy to change. But in most cases, you may not require to change them.

  3. EarnBlogger, but I can’t publish news on my theme. When I publish photogallery or news I always get video post and not news or photogallery. Look at the picture. I publish post with title “POST” and text but when i publish it and clicked on it, I get video post. I don’t know if you understand me what I’m asking you.

  4. EarnBlogger, can you give me example of this:
    “The theme assumes that you have regular (news) category, and have (photos) category
    and have (videos) category. If you visit you will be able to enter the photos/videos category IDs”

    Now, give me example what i have to enter in in

    Setup primary categories (Very important)
    $carpet['photos_id'] = 3; // The ID for Photos/Galleries category
    $carpet['videos_id'] = 6; // The ID for Videos category


  5. You’re trying to ask for free help. They have premium support now (which is understandable considering the fact that their themes are FREE), so you’re going to have to pay if you need help with this theme. Everyone else has to do it.

  6. First for photos. Go to your categories tab inside wordpress admin panel. Put your mouse on the category named ‘Photos’ or whatever you want to show as photos. Then look at the status bar and you will see the link to your category. At the end of the link there is cat_ID= a number. Look for that number. It is the ID for that category. Now write that number in place of 3 in the code you referred above.

    Similarly find the ID for videos category and replace the ’6′ with that number. Save your file and everything should be fine.

  7. I DID IT!!!! THANK YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!! THANK YOU! !!!

  8. Hi,

    I thought the readme files were enough for a freebie included with theme package.. seems no? Okay, most of these issues can be resolved by setting up category IDs properly in really.

  9. Yahoo buzz link doesn’t work. it asks all the fields to be entered manually once you click on the share yahoo buzz link? any idea.

  10. article in this site very grade and benefit for me, am will be save this blog link in my favorite
    page and am will be to visit again to here

  11. I appreciate the time it takes to develop a theme but to be honest, this one is just too busy for me. I tend to like things toned down just a bit. Sorry! I know it will be a real hit with many. Keep up the great work!

    Friends 4 Life!

  12. hi folks, congratulations, this theme is awesome! i´m configurating it right now, everything works, but only the news/photo/video thumbs where not shown..have i forgotten something? (ive changed config file correctly)

    best regards

  13. same problem
    i cant get the thumbs to work on post video or photos

    it says

    Warning: parse_url() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given in /home/whiteb5/public_html/eastvillage/theurbanreport2/wp-content/themes/redcarpet/functions.php on line 80

  14. Did you uploaded at least one image with those posts? If yes, then it should be a problem with phpThumb, which requires a writable cache folder. I am not sure about your problem. Can you mail me a screenshot of the error?

  15. I am trying to find the reason. But the problem is I test themes on my local server and many time I play with my own codes. For example, I have replaced phpThumb with one of my custom codes. Now, I have installed the original theme and trying to find why you are facing the problem.

    You have at least one image associated with those problem posts? If yes, look whether or not your /scripts/phpThumb/cache folder is writable. It should be writable automatically.

    BTW, I am not the original theme developer. I am just promoting this great theme. You can always contact the original developer i.e., Ahmad of

  16. Mauri,
    I have solution for your problem. you must check php version at your server. if you are on PHP 4. than you will get this error always. The solution is change your php version to php5 and it will work absolutly fine.

    I hope this will help. You can change your php version simple through you .htaccess file or contact your hosting provider.

  17. thanks i will try that
    im using php4
    i will try php5

    i had similar problems with wordpress and the thumbs before on a different theme and i gave up

    i will try this and it is a great theme!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mauri,

    or you can change all the code in functions.php.
    at lines: 87, 120, 331 and 342

    Search for:
    $img_url = parse_url($img[0], PHP_URL_PATH);

    and replace this with

    $img_url = parse_url($img[0]);
    $img_url = $img_url['path'];

  19. hi folks, this theme is nice, but when i go to the demo site with ie7 explorer the gallery doesn’t work good. I see all the thumbs but nothing happend when i click on it to show the foto. With firefox i have no problem.

    When i try the theme with my site, i have the same problem.

    Who have the same problem and solution for it?


  20. This theme is wonderful. I was able to do some modifications to make it match the look and feel of my site. The only concern about this theme is it does not work with iE6. A few people who aren’t up to date with their web browsers have complained. Otherwise the theme is excellent.

  21. Hi Marco,
    I am having the same problem!
    If somebody find the solution to resolve this problem please don’t forget to share it here!

  22. This is what I am trying to set up since yesterday. Please tell me if you resolve it!

  23. In my 1st post I uploaded 3 photos and all was perfect. 2nd post I uploaded 5 photos and then I started having the same trouble than you Marco. When I delete 2 photos from the 2nd post then the gallery is working again perfect.

  24. As Ahmad said…the video and photos categories are the most important…for the two purple boxes on the right column…just ad articles and assign them to other categories and they will automatically appear…btw…Ahmad…great, great job man…;)

  25. To Airess
    Hi can you please help to understand how to set up the right column bottom categories (celebrities & news in the demo theme)?

  26. Hello,

    I have a solution for the foto gallery to show it correctly with ie7 explorer. i have tested with firefox an ie7. I have change the code and place the thumbnails under the big foto.

    in functions.php search this code;

    print ”;
    $i = 0;
    foreach($imgs as $id => $attachment) {
    $img = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, ‘full’);
    //$img_url = parse_url($img[0], PHP_URL_PATH); //this is for php5
    $img_url = parse_url($img[0]); //this is for php4
    $img_url = $img_url['path']; //this is for php4
    print ‘‘;
    print ”;

    $i = 0;
    foreach($imgs as $id => $attachment) {
    $img = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, ‘full’);
    //$img_url = parse_url($img[0], PHP_URL_PATH); //this is for php5
    $img_url = parse_url($img[0]); //this is for php4
    $img_url = $img_url['path']; //this is for php4
    print ‘

    if (count($imgs) > 1) {
    print ‘
    « Previous Photo
    Next Photo »
    You are viewing image number ‘.$i.’ of total ‘.count($imgs).’ images.
    print ”;

    print ‘

    var photos=new ddtabcontent(“photos”)


    Replace the whole code with this code;

    $i = 0;
    foreach($imgs as $id => $attachment) {
    $img = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, ‘full’);
    //$img_url = parse_url($img[0], PHP_URL_PATH); //this is for php5
    $img_url = parse_url($img[0]); //this is for php4
    $img_url = $img_url['path']; //this is for php4
    print ‘

    if (count($imgs) > 1) {
    print ‘
    « Previous Photo
    Next Photo »
    You are viewing image number ‘.$i.’ of total ‘.count($imgs).’ images.
    print ”;
    print ”;

    print ”;
    $i = 0;
    foreach($imgs as $id => $attachment) {
    $img = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, ‘full’);
    //$img_url = parse_url($img[0], PHP_URL_PATH); //this is for php5
    $img_url = parse_url($img[0]); //this is for php4
    $img_url = $img_url['path']; //this is for php4
    print ‘‘;
    print ”;

    print ‘

    var photos=new ddtabcontent(“photos”)


    If you don’t like the stripes by the thumbnails, you can remove this.
    search for the:

    .photos {
    display: block;
    border-top: 1px dashed #aaa;
    border-bottom: 1px dashed #aaa;
    padding: 15px 0 0 0;

    and replace this with this;

    .photos {
    display: block;
    border-top: 0px dashed #aaa;
    border-bottom: 0px dashed #aaa;
    padding: 15px 0 0 0;

    in my code for functions.php you see that the next code 2 times. change this if you work with php5;

    //$img_url = parse_url($img[0], PHP_URL_PATH); //this is for php5
    $img_url = parse_url($img[0]); //this is for php4
    $img_url = $img_url['path']; //this is for php4

    Change the code for php5 in this code;

    $img_url = parse_url($img[0], PHP_URL_PATH); //this is for php5
    //$img_url = parse_url($img[0]); //this is for php4
    //$img_url = $img_url['path']; //this is for php4


  27. Hi Doubs, i found a solution for the problem with gallery in ie7 explorer. i have change some code and i have place now the thumbnails under the big photo.

    I have try to post the code here, but it’s to big. if you give me your email, i wil send you my code.

  28. go to my site for the code, the code above is not completed, because the javascript is removed.

  29. Doubs, I am using also wordpress 2.7.1. You need to have more than 8-9 articles in celebrities and news in order for the two purple blocks to appear.

  30. And yes …i checked with IE6 and the entire right column is placed on the left bottom side….also the search box is placed over the sitelogo on(top left)…Pretty annoying…

  31. Hello,

    I am sorry guys I have not caught this discussion earlier.

    I’ve completely fixed the layout for IE6 (See demo or updated version) the galleries were not working (excuse me..) for IE, there was a mis placed position: relative and i fixed that as well. I confirmed here from my localhost that galleries work fine on IE6 browser. So get your update..

    The search box was fixed aswell, the right column was fixed too..


  32. Marco,

    I am impressed. Thanks for this little hack. I updated the themes with his little modification to avoid php version issues

    $img_url = parse_url($img[0]);
    $img_url = $img_url['path'];

    I assume any user with PHP4 no longer experience thumbnail issue?

  33. Hello Ahmad. First of all, thank you so much for this awesome theme. You’ve done a great job.

    Now, I’m wondering if you can help me here. I’ve done a lot of modification in the files (ie.: language translations) so could you please provide us a list of the files you updated for the IE6 fix?? Or did you update only the stylesheet?

    thanks in advance!


  34. hi! im having the thumbnails problem too. i tried using php5 but to no avail… i also tried, replacing the codes, still the same… please help…

  35. The stylesheet.css will be sufficient for major issues, but some template files were edited too. They are very few though.

  36. Sorry I can’t help any further having explained everything above, php5 is not the issue for sure. Could be a security level on your host not allowing thumbnails or could be that you are not attaching any images to your post — many possibilities but it’s not a theme issue after all so my help here would be so limited. Apologies

  37. hi! it was a series of webhost issues. first, i didnt have an uploads directory. second, the permissions were not configured for writing into the directory.. it ok now!

  38. hi i have a question. why is it that when i upload a photo from the web using a correct url, a thumbnail of that photo will not be visible? do i have to upload every photo to my webhost in order for thumbnails to appear? thanks ahmad!

  39. keep adding articles it will show up.. you need more articles then you can display on the main page. i suggest try at least 20 posts then you will see it.

  40. I get this error on my pages at the top header only in categories. On main page i dont see the error. Error appears only after i click a category.

    Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Unknown modifier ‘V’ in /home/ on line 143

    I didnt done nothing to the template just added some posts and categories. This are the only changes on the fresh install.

  41. You will not believe it where this error come from :
    Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Unknown modifier ‘V’ in /home/ on line 143

    If you create a category for example : Test / Videos you will get that error because of the “/”.
    How to fix it? It’s a bug for sure.

  42. Where is the README file ?

    I downloaded the latest redcarpet version from Deluxethemes but no readme file.

    Only Installation, license and support.

  43. I do not think it’s a huge issue. Rarely you will need to name a category using a slash or backslash.. so no solution for this at least. try to avoid / in your category names.

    What readme file you look for there? The 3 documents are sufficient for the free user.

  44. Thanks for replying to the user comments. Yes, there is no need to create a category with a /. I just replied to the comment without thinking must about it. :)

    Same with the readme file. I thought it was all about installation instruction file. :) The installation.txt file is enough for installation.

    BTW, I have seen that people are not respecting your hard work. Many bloggers are now using your theme without your footer link. This is BAD really BAD. People are you listening?

  45. It says it all:
    AntiOffsiteLinking() – “” is NOT in $this->config_nooffsitelink_valid_domains (

  46. It’s very good theme, and It’s better than many WP primium theme. My probleme is with Video Category, How I post the video, I tried, in Post with HTML code form youtube, and form cutom field, but still no thing appear on the Right col. Videos,,,
    How we post video, and how it appear like the demo,
    Thanks to EarnBlogger , and Ahmad for their reply on this Blogg…

  47. Hi,
    No custom fields or HTML codes are required for videos. Just use the video ID. For example: If you want to add this video, just use the codes after the ‘=’. That means copy ‘k4iSxGzViVs’ and paste it like this way [youtube k4iSxGzViVs] on your blog post. That’s it.

    For thumbnails to appear on the right use at least one image while writing your video post.

  48. I do not know how to thank you, It worked very well..
    But videos appear in the middle category, no thing on the right..
    Thanks again Earn

  49. Did you entered the right category ID for videos and photos? It is in the file. Look for “Setup primary categories (Very important)” below which you will see two lines of code. For example:

    $carpet['photos_id'] = 1; // The ID for Photos/Galleries category
    $carpet['videos_id'] = 2; // The ID for Videos category

    Find the category ID for your video and photo category. Then replace 1 and 2 in the above two lines with the respective category IDs.

    I think this will solve your problem.


    On my local wordpress installation this theme is working fine. So, I think there is no trick here from Ahmad’s side. But, after testing it on different browsers, I found that in Internet Explorer the right column goes down and appears with middle column. This issue was in initial version of the theme. If you are using Internet Explorer try a fresh copy. Also to confirm try to test your site on Firefox. If everything appears nicely, then the issue is definitely with IE. Get a fresh copy and everything should be fine.

  50. Yes I did that before, and everything is working fine, only in the first page “home page”, the right column is not appearing…its blanck.
    I tried to work with style sheet, but it’s not the reason.
    This theme is really good theme, but few tricks Mr. It’s his right to earn money for it…
    Thanks’ again

  51. I just installed wordpress 2.7.1 and uploaded your theme redcarpet. I have no errors but my homepage is blank. I have tried everything including editing the style.css and style.php Adjusting the @import url did not work, thinking my host wasnt compatible with dynamic stylesheet. Any ideas why it isn’t working for me. View source shows a blank page so it has to do with the stylesheet I am guessing.
    Please help I installed wordpress just so I could use this theme, I love it, great work!

  52. I figured it out. The header file was calling for an seo title in the title attribute. This caused an error and wouldn’t load the page. I replaced it with the normal call for blog title and my homepage loaded.
    Thanks for a great theme. I also wanted to point out my download of the theme had no installation instructions or readme file at all. I had to search the web to figure out how to configure it.

  53. Add some content to your site. Then only you will learn whether on not everything is working fine. Actually this is a premium quality theme (in my view at least $100 value) that Ahmad released for free download. So, for any further theme related problems Ahmad provides premium support. I think this is fair as the theme is free for all. Still, Ahmad openly replied to many theme related problems here. I think this is more than enough for installation. Thanks.

  54. hey,

    Awesome theme love it…I just have problem with photo posts….i got the photo category correct as it does show the posts in the photo gallery format….but i want to know for example if i want to make a post with 10 photos how do i make it show up as a gallery…where do i post the links of all 10 photos, is it in a custom field or just simply inside the post….?


  55. If you are talking about the default gallery format then just upload your photos via the image uploader and publish your post. The gallery will appear automatically. Just make it sure that your have posted it under photos category.

  56. I understand he has done a lot of work and this theme is worth $100 or more, I appreciate that and agree. My problem is I downloaded the theme and now have no readme or installation txt so I am trying to figure out how to use it. I have added content to my site and the thumbs won’t display. I don’t know how to add a photo to my post. I read here about a video so that is clear. Do I just click on “upload image” button in my post and it’s supposed to appear. My files are set to be writable, I have tried adding custom field “thumbnail” I have done the config file correct. The photo is in my uploads folder but won’t appear, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  57. This theme automatically generates thumbnails. If you have added at least one photo via the image uploader (by clicking upload image) and then published the post, the thumbnail should appear. No need to add a custom field.

    After looking at your source code, I can see that something is wrong with your theme files. You have three posts but none of them appears on the site? I would recommend you to download a fresh copy of the theme and upload it. Don’t touch the codes except on the configuration file.

  58. Ok, have reverted back to default theme. But before I re-download and upload redcarpet one question. In theme doctor it is telling me that I do not have dt_library installed and it is a required component. This might be my problem but don’t have this in my copy. Any ideas?

  59. That was the problem. The copy I had downloaded from somewhere else didn’t have the library plugin. Re-downloaded and it works. Now have to play around and try and figure out how to get photos to show in photos column and get categories right. Have changed config file for video and photo categories correctly but entering post and adding photo to post it comes into news section but not photos. Hopefully I can figure this out at least theme is now working.
    Thankyou very much for taking the time to help me out, I appreciate it

  60. I tried to tranfer the theme from my local server to hostingserver, but the theme is not working…
    at all, …

  61. I tried to make everything simple whether you post photos or videos, but people just want the complicated, custom field stuff.. can’t complain. :)

    Dagan, get your copy from deluxethemes dot com, the newest version of red carpet is 2.5. It has a built in control panel that will do everything for you, it has its own built in video publisher, and it has a sample data generator. other than that you will be able to define which categories are what; photos and videos.

    This new version has threaded comments and comment navigation.

    Just get a fresh copy, and upload plugins to plugins and theme folder to themes. Then everything will be fine. If you see blank homepage or error, then its probably one of the plugins. I mean you should deactivate /delete any old version before trying this one.

    Dagan, the theme is working. The demo uses the exact version I release for you to download, no trick here.. believe it or not.

  62. Dear Ahmad:
    Thanks to your efforts for RedCarpet theme, and the other s nice themes you did…
    They are free, and they are Premiums theme

    I tried the new version of the theme, on my local server, it worked, but when I changed few things in categories, it comes back to have right columns white…

    On the server “hostmonster server”, When I select the theme, which WordPress is in the root directory under public html, /public_html/wp-content/themes/redcarpet

    The theme does not work…The server ignore the style sheet!!!

    I like the theme, but first, I tried for a week to test it on my local server, I discovered that it’s the IE explorer V. 7, is the problem, so the right columns do not appear.

    On the server I think that the problem is with the root directory, so It’s not working at all, the server Ignore the styelsheet ..

    When I will use the theme, I will change a little bit in it, but before that, I must control the basic, that‘s mean if we change few thing in the style sheet the theme must be stable

    At the end, my idea about the theme, it’s a quality control development process…
    With all browsers, this is not always controllable with fancy structure…

    Sorry, but I was a University professor, the last 6 year, and for accident reason, I did not teach any more… Even I taught structured languages, and OO languages,

    I appreciate your good work, and your themes are better than many Premiums theme
    Thanks’ for your previous answer


  63. Hi Ahmad. I have a little problem with the theme. I think you can resolve it. Please look at this page:
    As you can see on the right side (“More Posts”), the pictures are not thumbs. I already installed the latest theme and plugins. Can you please tel me the problem? Thanks!

  64. Hi earnblogger or Ahmed. I can’t find any registration form…please provide a link or tell us how we can register to deluxethemes?! Best of luck!

  65. Actualy they are selling it now: single license 29$ and the funny thing is that theme is full of bugs!!!
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function popular_posts() in /home/gabfire/public_html/ on line 68

  66. This error means you don’t have “Popular Posts” plugin activated. Check whether or not you have the plugin activated. Otherwise remove the call to function popular_posts() from your home.php file.

  67. Earn, i get this message:

    Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct () in Unknown on line 0

    And i can upload picture on my wordpress blog. What should I do?

  68. Ok, i fix this error:

    Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct () in Unknown on line 0

    BUT, when I want to upload pictures i get this message:

    Failed to write file to disk.


  69. Jessi, why bother replying? And if you’re not here to read the q and a, what are you here for?
    From the posts below, looks like there are still people out here happy to give each other a hand.
    Just take your misery and buzz off.

  70. I just installed the theme. new version of wordpress

    and everything works

    great work Ahamed. this the best theme ever !!!!

  71. Many thanks! I could not understand on one hosting, the theme did not work. But on the friend all has turned out. I do not know English (I from russia), but also that have consulted!!!

  72. Hi Marco, can you give me the link to see the complete code to fix the fotogallery problem? thanks

  73. having the same php Thumb issue as everyone else – did anyone ever find a solution?

  74. Your thumbnail files refers to ImageMagick codes. So, I think the problem is with your web host. Consult your host. Mind it, phpThumb creates thumbnails via GD or ImageMagick.

  75. Thanks for the reply. I contacted host and checked, the path to ImageMagick was correct, so I don’t think it’s this.

    The biggest mystery is the fact it was working, then overnight it stopped!

    I’m going to backup the database and re-install and see if that works. If not, I might have to start looking for another theme.

  76. So sad! I have no clue why it is not working. Still, if you want to stay with this wordpress theme, you can try a different thumbnail script instead of phpThumb. For example, timthumb. Or you can also display images without using a script. But you need to modify your theme files. For any kind of help, feel free to contact me via email.

    Happy Blogging.

  77. Hi,

    I have the new version of the Red Carpet theme – installed in mid May. However, it still shows all columns in left when viewed in IE6 or IE7.

    Please help …..

    Thanks in advance

  78. I think the problem is either related to your functions.php file or your server. I am not sure, but an error in the functions.php file may prevent thumbnail generation. Check that file for errors. And also check PHP version on your server. PHP 5 is required for proper functioning of certain parameters.

    Note that, Red Carpet is no longer a free theme and the developer is offering paid support. But still, some sites are sharing it. The problem is those sites often modifies a theme to insert their own links. Look at your footer. It may be a security threat too. So, always try to get the themes from the original source.


  79. hi,
    i dont have in cpanel teaser manager, any idea for excerpt, i really need it
    and how should i put ad in cpanel ad manager, i cant sem to understand…?”
    thank you

  80. hello, i have a problem with the redcarpet theme. When i post an article in the left sidebar were the latest stories are and i click the article it redirects me to the home page or do a refresh insted of opening the article. U can look here to see what is happening. pls if u can help i’ll be gratefull. thanks

  81. You need a solution? Just resize your logo. It is too big and breaking your theme. That’s why instead of the article link, the home page link (on logo) is displayed. Remove the extra white space from your logo and resize it to around 76px height. Everything will be fine.

  82. phpThumb is not working? For proper working of phpThumb “cache” directory must be writable. Also DocumentRoot configuration must be correct. Normally, phpThumb autodetects these things. But if you are getting errors, you may override the default values (Cache directory configuration and DocumentRoot configuration) by editing “phpThumb.config.php” file in your phpThumb folder.

    Be careful while editing the file. Coz, a simple mistake may lead to more errors.

  83. Please HELP

    Hi I got problem with displaying thumbs in TAG PAGE.
    There is only title et.c but no photo. I tried to copy thumbnails code from main page but still doesn’t work.
    Please help.

  84. I lost this theme package. Please give me some time so that I can look at the official theme demo and find out a solution for you.

  85. Hi I added excerpt code and now its ok. But I have another problem ;-)
    PhphThumb – caching images for only 30 days, can youhelp me ? becouse I need to change this time to 90 days
    thanks from poland ;-)

  86. Sorry. I was taking too much time. Actually I checked the theme and it works fine on my test server. I am happy that you solved the problem by yourself.

    phpThumb settings can be changed in the phpThumb.config.php file. It is inside the phpThumb folder. Open that file and find the following line:
    $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['cache_maxage'] = 86400 * 30;
    Replace 30 with 90. Save it and you are good to go!

  87. i just tryed to replace sponser link in config.php file in the redcarpet theme editor,
    my website is down… cannot access it through ie any more, it just shows plain, even wp-admin panel also cannot acess….

    anytips or ideas why it happened

  88. First go to your cPanel file manager and replace the config.php with the original one (if you have in your hard drive). If this is not possible, you need to change the current theme from phpMyAdmin. If help needed, do contact me.

  89. hi [youtube video id] also i tryed metacafe
    but still the thumicons dnot show up on front page and in videos tab. but the actual video shows up on the ost

    what to do to get make the video thumsnails to show up on front page and in videos tab

  90. thanks it worked,
    can i add adsense code to the top right corner of front page like
    if yes where should i paste my adsense code in the theme?
    all the custom ads in post are though url only right ie htttp:xxxx.jpg

  91. Want to add banner ad in header? Ad codes can be added from theme control panel. But if you want to add them manually, open the header.php file and add you ad code in the header_ads div and delete the lines before it and after it.

  92. I bought the theme last year..
    I asked to update it
    Deluxe theme does not reply ..
    I was more than two month..
    This is bulshit.. not pro company..
    I’m thinking to change it..
    These people do not know what mean professional..

  93. Thanks for posting your views. I am completely blank on this as I am not a customer. In my view, one must provide free updates and quick support with every premium theme.

    Need some help? You can explain your problems (related to theme) here. I will try to find a solution as soon as possible. Note that, I am not associated with Deluxe theme. I am just trying to help my readers with my limited knowledge.

  94. Today is August 3 2010
    I bought the theme on April 2009
    I paid at this time 100US$
    He updated only one time..
    From the month of may this year, I left 3 tickets
    on his site.. and many email
    and the bill
    But no answer at all
    I can write anywhere about that..
    But it’s not woth it

    I’m afraid that he will not update our theme for other raison… “I hope it’s not relgion raison”
    He know me, and he know my website…
    His name is Ahmed Fouad, from egypt…
    You can understand???
    Thank you for your help proposal..
    But I’m looking to change the theme..
    It’s working know, but I’m afraid to update to last WordPress Version ..
    Help to show this guy and his con way of business
    Thank you

  95. I am trying to install this great looking theme, but my problem is after installation. The instructions on the website,8 say after installation to go to to configure the theme, but when I point my browser there I get this message:

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    When I try to view my site it looks like the CSS is not being used. What’s going on? Anyone else have this problem?

  96. Did you accessed the theme from the Appearance > Themes section? If not, try it once. Preview the theme by using the preview link (always do so before activating any theme). If the theme looks good on preview, activate it and go to theme configuration page for settings.

    I hope this helps. If not, you can contact me personally so that I can take a look at your theme codes.

  97. I had some problems dealing with support but I think everything is back to normal. There was a huge update and development in the Red Carpet, those complaining about the theme not being free anymore.. I’d just reply and say please send me an email and take a look at the amount of code. Whether it’ll be free in the future, I still didn’t decide since really… the fee paid is just something so that I can afford and handle theme support and upgrades.

    Thanks for understanding.

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