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November 29, 2007 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Searching for a good Magazine Style WordPress theme? Take a look at the Visionary Theme. This cool magazine style theme has built-in video features. It enables you to add videos from YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe. You can also add your own video by using a plugin.


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Some Features of Visionary theme:

  • Cool front page, that looks like a news or magazine site. EarnBlogger is an example!
  • Tabbed navigation in sidebar, through the use of a custom jQuery script.
  • Embed YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe videos easily with Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. Or, use the Flash Video Player plugin to input your own videos.
  • Supports the cool Flickr RSS plugin to show your Flickr images.
  • Visionary supports Related Posts plugin.
  • WordPress 2.3 tag-ready. Also compatible with previous versions of WordPress.
  • Custom post information can easily be input through the use of a Visionary theme-specific plugin modified from the custom field GUI plugin.
  • Customized templates for every type of WordPress file, such as category.php and and archive.php.
  • Customized sidebars for different pages of the site.
  • Placeholders for ads. Cool sidebar sizes for 125×125px ads.

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