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May 14, 2008 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Get Paid to Blog

Want to make money online with your blogs? There are many ways that you can use to make money online. Well, here I would like to tell you about the services that pays blogger for writing sponsored posts or sponsored reviews about different products, websites and services. If you can blog, you will definitely be able to write sponsored blog posts. The point is, are you ready for it? So, if you have a blog and you are ready to write blogs posts for money, check this list out! I am sure that you will be able to make some good amount of money from these “Get Paid to Blog” sites.

List of Get Paid to Blog Sites/Services:


  • PayPerPost: This is the most popular and widely recommended site for paid blogging. In order to qualify, your blog must be at least 30 days old, with at least 10 pre-existing posts written in the last 30 days. To add new blogs, you must have 10 approved posts. They will pay you for approved posts, 30 days after the original date of submit. Payments are made via PayPal. PayPerPost is one of the top dollar earners for my blogs!


  • SponsoredReviews: One of the biggest players in the market! Your blog must be at least 3-months-old, and it must also contain at least 10 published posts in order to be approved. SponsoredReviews allows you to set your own price. Depending on the size of your readership and the quality of your blog posts, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $1000 per review. They will keep 65% of your earnings as transaction fee. You will receive your earnings via PayPal on a bi-weekly basis. SponsoredReviews is one of my favourite get paid to blog sites.


  • ReviewMe: One of the top companies that pays bloggers for writing sponsored blog posts. They have some strict requirements regarding the blog quality, pagerank and amount of traffic. But they don’t disclose these requirements. You must disclose that the blog post is sponsored. They pays a reasonably good amount for the sponsored posts. Starting from $5 you can earn anything for each post. For more details you can read my review of Smorty.


  • Smorty: Another good site, that really pays. They have some strict requirements regarding the quality of blogs. Your blog must be 3 months old, regularly updated and indexed by Google and Yahoo. You can use multiple blogs. They pays at least $6 per opportunity. Bloggers are paid weekly via PayPal, for confirmed and approved posts.


  • BlogsVertise: Blogs must be more than 30 days old and regularly updated with unique content. They also keeps some new blogs in probation. During probation period they may offer you some tasks at lower payout rates. So, it is a good opportunity for new blogs to start paid blogging. Payments are made via PayPal, 30 days after your assigned task has been approved.


  • BuyBlogReviews: One of the new get paid to blog sites. They don’t have strict requirements for approval. All you need to have a clean blog with unique contents. They will pay you 70% of your earnings. Payments are made through PayPal. For more information, you can read my previous post on BuyBlogReviews.


  • SocialSpark: A new service launched by IZEA. To qualify, you must be 18 years or older. Your blog must be at least 90 days old, with at least 20 pre-existing posts written in the last 90 days. They accepts English and Spanish language blogs. You must claim the ownership of your and have IZEA Toolkit (ITK) properly installed. Bloggers in the SocialSpark must clearly disclose on their blogs the relationship between themselves and the Advertisers in connection with Opportunity-related posts. Bloggers must include a SocialSpark provided disclosure badge within each sponsored post in order to receive payment.


  • Blogitive: Mainly they require that your blog is at least 3 months old, indexed by Google and Yahoo search engines and receives some level of traffic. You must update your blog regularly, with at least 3 postings per week on average. The standard amount for per post is $5. But, the rate may vary depending on the sponsor. Payments are made via PayPal.


  • LinkWorth: They offers different types of money making opportunities to bloggers, including sponsored reviews. They call it LinkPost. Opportunities are limited but pays a good amount for each post. Payments are made through PayPal, Cheque, Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer. For details, read my review of LinkWorth.


  • PayU2Blog: They don’t disclose the requirements for approval. If you have a good blog with some good pagerank and traffic, you can expect to get approved. They will never mail you, if your blog is rejected! Payments are sent via PayPal, two weeks after approval of a post.


  • LoudLaunch: Your blog must be in English and at least 60 days old with a pattern of regular posting activity. You must be at least 18 years of age. For U.S. residents you must have a valid SSN or Federal Tax ID. Your blog cannot contain any offensive material such as pornography or other items deemed to be inappropriate to mainstream audiences. Your post must stay on the front page for at least 14 days.They pays bloggers via PayPal within 5 days of the 1st of each month for all approved posts placed between the 1st and 20th of the prior month. Read my review of LoudLaunch.


  • BloggingAds: Your blog must be at least 3 months old, cached by Google and have a good history of posts being made regularly. If your blog has low, or no, Google Page rank and/or most of the indexed pages are supplemental results, your blog may not be approved. You will get $5 for most of their opportunities. Payments are made via PayPal.


  • BloggerWave: Easy to join. They use Google page rank and tools from Yahoo to rate your blogs. They offers three types of posts – review, buzz and opinion. The minimum amount that you can earn from a post is $1. However, there is no limitation to the maximum that you can earn for a single post.


  • BlogToProfit: In order to qualify, your blog must be at least 90 days old. And you must update your blog at least twice a week. Your blog post must remain live for at least 12 months and be accessible through the submitted permanent link at anytime within the agreed period. Bloggers are paid for the approved blog posts on a weekly basis, through Paypal or through the mode of Payment specified in the blogger’s account.

Blog Distributor

  • BlogDistributor: In order to join, you must be 18 years old and your blog must have unique content. There must be at least 20 blog posts in your blog in the last 90 days. The minimum length of a Blog Posting is 100 words. Blog Distributor pays you once per week via PayPal. Presently they are accepting bloggers from USA and Canada only.

Contextual Style

  • ContextualStyle: Earn money by placing links on your blogs. They sends all jobs through e-mail and you must respond through e-mail. They have a credit system for the publishers. If your credit rating is great, then you will get more jobs from them. All payments are sent by PayPal, after verification of the link placement.


  • Bloggertizer: They simply connects bloggers with interested advertisers. So, all you need to have a clean and regularly updated blog. Once an advertiser contacts you, you can negotiate the terms, fee, review process, method of payment, posting date, etc. So, the payout depends on your agreement with the advertiser.


  • SnapBomb: The amount that you get paid is based on your blog value. They determines value of a blog based on its popularity, quality, expertise in a field, audience size and reach, and feedback from blog posts. Needs clear disclosure about the sponsored post. You will get paid via PayPal. Payments are are sent out on the 5th of each month. There is no minimum threshold for payment. For more information, you can read my review of SnapBomb.


  • CREAMaid: Anyone with a regularly-kept blog containing original content can participate. Write a post relevant to the suggested Conversation topic, and paste the widget code inside your post. Then, your post will be syndicated to the widgets inside all other participating posts. Also, you will receive the proposed royalty payment. You will receive a notification E-mail that directs you to the page where you can claim your royalty payment. When you submit your PayPal account and the verification code, you will receive the payment within 24 hours.


  • InBlogAds: Your blog must be a WordPress powered blog, hosted on your own domain. You will get a 60% share of every ad sold through their system on your blog. Payments are sent out at the end of each month via PayPal, with a $10 minimum. Currently they are updating their service and not accepting new bloggers. Well, you can give them your name and email ID, so that they can inform you when the new site launches!

Now, you have the list of get paid to blog sites. There are some other sites that provides similar services. I skipped them in this post. So, I will try to add them, during a future update. Till then, join these services and start earning money from your blogs. All the best!

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  3. I have tried most of those programs. After my pagerank went from 4 to 0 I am doing jobs only for Blogitive, Payperpost, Socialspark, Payu2blog and Sponsored Reviews.
    The one I like more is Payu2blog. They send me jobs every friday. I don´t have to run after opps and they are very easy to do. And I can do them in my own language.

  4. Claudia,
    Pagerank is a factor that scares many blogger. But I have stopped worrying about it. The services that you have mentioned here are really good. Happy Blogging.

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  6. Tom,
    Thanks for your comment. I have tried all of them with different blogs. But my personal favorites are PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews, Blogsvertise, Smorty and ReviewMe. I would strongly recommend them.

  7. Dear EarnBlogger – very good collection of sites! You have done the job for me. You give all these links but what about your personal experience with them… what you like?dislike? which one is your favourite?

    As a blogger, I like to read about other blogger’s adventures in the bloggging world. Good luck!

  8. hi,im just a newbie a stay at home mum trying to earn a little income here and there while taking care of my kids.its also to meet mums like me..blogging keeps my mind sharp,when your clustered in a house with just for kids for company your minds goes gaga,lol..what do you recommend and how should a newbie like me go about this?

    thanks a lot..

  9. So, people can make money from their blog? I have no plans to start a serious blog. Will try these things, when I’ll change my mind. BTW, this post will help many of those bloggers, who wants money. Cheers.

  10. Hi,
    thanks for sharing all these.
    Its very useful to newbies like me.
    I’m going to try them out once my blog reaches 30 days old, and that i would be more familiar fiddling with my wordpress theme by then…


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  12. Hi there,

    We are an UK based company and created, another “paid blogging” network.

    We come with a few new features, like:

    PayingPost only charges a 20% fee while our competitors may charge 30-35%
    Payments every week or every two weeks (depending on blogger’s activity)
    30 day money back guarantee if advertiser not satisfied.

    It would be awesome if you could include our website in your list.

    Ronald Jensen.

  13. This is a great list of paid to blog sites. Before seeing this post, I never heard of SnapBomb, Bloggertizer, and Blog Distributor. I am going to try them out as I have already tried all the others. Keep up the good work EarnBlogger!

  14. Thank you for this list! I enjoy blogging. I was reading this and realized that some people might not know about how to start a blog. A great place to start is You can choose your topic and earn $1 per 100 word post (1 per day) and $2 CPM.

    Once you start a blog, you can submit it to the sites listed above.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks again!

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  16. thank you for providing this list of paid to review broker, I am so interested to run this type of online business since I have been paid by some of them, thanks a lot,

  17. This is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for.

    Unfortunatrly my blog is not old enough to qualify yet, but I will get there soon.

    Thanks for providinr the list and reviews.

  18. I’m definitely looking for one of these lists. Thanks for sharing.

    Currently, I’m in the process of setting up a site for paid posts but as most (if not all) of them require a certain minimum PR, it might be quite awhile before the site is up and running.

    Can I assume that the site will be slapped with a PR0 the moment any paid post is published?

    C K

  19. Thanks a lot for these lists.Blogsvertise is very much recommended for new blogs,as they even accept blogs rejected by other sites.But,the only drawback is that you get paid posts only when you accept dofollow,and they require 3 back links.I got some paid posts for my blog when its PR was 3,but I didn’t do it for the fear of losing PR.But,may be I should have done it as I have lost my PR for no reason!

  20. excellent list of paid to blog list , If the every site
    has information about the way the site approves the blogger, their payment behaviour it must have more informative. any way thanks for great list.

  21. I ever receive payment from blogtoprofit just one time then never receive any offer from them.. by the way.. thanks for the great list

  22. Thanks for this post. This is a complete list that I have been searching for and will definitely link to it from my blog so not to loose it.

    Check dude :)


  24. These are all great opportunities but I am so afraid of getting on the bad side of Google. It would be a horror to drop to a page rank of 0

  25. Justin,
    First try to fill your blog with some quality content. Try to write something new or add your own view to old topics. Use social media to build your traffic. Submit your blog to various directories. Slowly move towards other techniques such as article marketing. Once your blog completes 3 months, apply to these paid posting sites. If your efforts are good, soon you will get a good Pagerank, which will help you in getting more offers from these companies. In this way you can make money money with your blog.

    Well, this approach is not suitable for all. So, decide wisely before starting to take sponsored offers. There are many more ways to make money online. Stay tuned and soon you will learn all the tips and tricks of the business. ;)

  26. That is absolutely no longer true. They no longer have a PPP program. They have many requirements now including advertising their own affiliate sites on your blog, buying advertising on their site and finding advertisers for their site and your blog. There is a Nazi mentality there now that is just horrible. Don’t waste your time with them.

  27. I heard about that. I also know about their business model and how much they can profit from those innocent and hardworking bloggers. In my view, bloggers must stay away from them.

    Thanks for expressing your view here.

  28. Paid posting is not for the faint of heart. If you’re scared of pagerank, stick to advertising revenue like Adsense.

  29. Blog Distributor is now allowing non US and non Canadian bloggers into their system.

    So, if you’re outside the United States or Canada, you can now sign up unlike before.

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  31. Hello, I have an idea for a blog, but not sure where to get a site or how to set up a blog. I guess I would need to begin with a free site and get the experience first. Any advice would be appreciated.

  32. Start with a free blog. With time you will learn the tips and tricks of the trade. So, don’t worry. Start it today. My best wishes are always with you.

  33. I was looking for such an opportunity to earn some bucks from my old blogs. And I got your useful post during my search. Thanks for providing so many ways to earn money through blogs.


  34. Lots of good info here. Has anyone one tried any of the sites listed and what was your personal result? I have info here on a site or sites I like to use and am always looking for more.

  35. For earning money through blogs will it be ok to use free blogs or its should be purchased? Please guide as i m new in this…


  36. There is no reason why one can’t earn with free blogs. But, if you can spare a few bucks, you must go for own own domain name. In the long run it will help you earn more, while giving your blog a professional look. So, go for it. For further guidance you may contact me anytime.

  37. how to increase page rank… many of them need atleast page rank of 2 or more… how to increase as idk how to do that…

  38. Try to get some good incoming links to your blog. Ask your fellow bloggers to link, post your blog to various directories and post your articles to social bookmarking sites. When your content is good and there are some good links pointing to your blog, you will get a good PR.

  39. Yes most companies don’t accept free blogs.
    but you can find some that accept them.

    But remember that you can host your blog at blogger ( google ) and connect it with your own domain, which will cost you only 10$ per year, and like that you pay less but you get a blog as they want it.

    After you make some money, try to buy hosting and transfer your blog.

    I hope this can help.


  40. What you mean by scam? You mean these sites? No, they are not. Thousands of bloggers around the world are making money with the help of these sites. Personally, I earned more than $10,000 from some of these get paid to blog sites.

  41. Please let me know, from where i will take start to earn money from blogs?.
    How to make blogs?
    How bloggers will pay me?
    Thanks & regards.

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