Make Money Online Scam

June 27, 2013 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Is it possible to make money online? Many people asks this question and uses search engines to find their answers. What they find? Usually the term “make money online” or other similar terms returns thousands of results on search engines like Google and Bing. Sadly, many of those result pages include webpages which claims Make Money Online is SCAM or it is impossible to earn a living online. If that’s the truth, are we all liars? Why so many people claims to earn a living from their websites, blogs or their affiliate marketing campaigns? If you are confused, continue reading.

Make Money Online Scam

What is Make Money Online?

Make Money Online is a broad term. Webmasters and bloggers normally use this term to denote various options or ways of earning money by using Internet as a tool. Similarly, curious users may use this term to find out more about available ways or possibilities to earn some money while being online or by using online resources. In general, Make Money Online means earning money through ways that involves use of websites or Internet.

Is it possible to Make Money Online?

Yes, it is possible to make money or earn money online. Take my example. I’m an engineering graduate by qualification and I make money online. In my case, it began about 10 years ago. Just like most of the beginners, I started with widely popular but useless ways to earning money online. I started with get paid to click, email reading, online surveys etc. Yes, many of them pays. But soon I realized that those are nothing but waste of valuable time. Gradually I started to create websites and then blogs. Then only I earned real money and not dime. First $1 per day, then $5 and then $20. In the mean time I continued to explore various legitimate opportunities to earn money online. Now my monthly income from various online sources is in high four figures (in USD).

A four figure income? That’s not a news! Yes, a four figure income (be it $1000 or $9999 per month) is nothing compared to the salary of a full time job. I could have easily said that my monthly earning is in five or six figures. But I didn’t. Because, I want to be honest and give you a real picture of make money online world. But there are people who inflate the truth to gain attention. Some of them even provide proof of their income with screenshots of checks or payment information. In case you don’t know, those proofs can be easily faked (and many people are doing same). Practices like these earning bad name for the term make money online.

I’m not saying that people don’t make millions from Internet. I know some affiliate marketers who earns millions. But that requires lots of hard work, dedication and patience. It is possible to earn millions of dollars from your online ventures. If you continue with dedication you too can earn lots of money of off the Internet. But it is impossible to earn such huge sum of money within a short period of time, that is too by a novice. Sadly, Internet is full of advertisements, sales pages and articles that claims or promises to make you rich quick. Those lies earning bad reputation for genuine online opportunities.

Make Money Online is not Magic

Making money online is not SCAM or myth. I can dismiss claims like “make money online is scam” with confidence. Because, I myself make money online and I know several people who earns a decent income from their online ventures such as affiliate marketing, blogging and freelancing. If you follow the right track, you too can earn money online. No secrets or magic involved here. Internet is full of opportunities or ways to make money legitimately. All you need to do is follow the right path and continue working hard. Your path could be anything from blogging to affiliate marketing or from writing to software development.

Scams in Make Money Online:

Yes, there are scams related to make money online. I noticed that common scams are related to Multi-level Marketing (MLM), Work at Home, Paid Surveys and high-yield investment program (HYIP). I suggest you stay away from them. You can also identify a scam when:

  • A site claims to make you rich overnight or get rich quick.
  • A site claims to help you earn hundreds or thousands of dollar per day.
  • A site asks you to pay something in return of job.
  • A site directs you to buy something before showing you how to make money.
  • A site claims no work, no computers needed to earn money online.
  • A site claims to give high return on your investments.

Stay away from such websites. They are 99.99% scams.

Make Money Online for FREE:

One can make money online without spending a dime (excluding expenses like Internet use & electricity bill). Because genuine online earning opportunities are always free. For example: contextual advertising, banner advertising, affiliate programs, etc. And if you are serious, you may want to have your website with own domain name. In that case, you need to spend only a little amount on expenses like domain registration, web hosting and buying essential tools or services (optional). You can start with less than $30 per year.

Remember the above paragraph and think about before paying for something. Only scamsters asks you to pay a registration fees. Also, don’t buy so called digital products which claims to contain secrets and tools for earning a living online. They are not scams, but you’ll hardly find any secrets there. If someone found a secret to make money online, would he/she share it with the world for a few bucks? NO.

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  1. Hey I was in your same position like 2 years ago. You need a program like that 30 day challenge I am on that is making me some money. I am not lying that i am making thousands, but you can make money within 30 days with the right help. Here is my litmus test of a program that is legit

    There are so many scams out there that will take your money. I am a victim of almost $3000 or more.
    1) Go to google and put in the product that you are about to put and then add scam..See if that product is a scam
    2) Be careful of EVERY make money at home opportunity. Only 10-15% are legit
    3) Do not be sucked into the video presentation of a marketer..if it sounds too good to be true..It is NOT TRUE

    Here is a link below that has one of the best program I have ever seen that takes you hand in hand and lead you into making money online.
    Have a great day. Adrian

  2. So, you think people can really make money while being online? Once I replied to an advertisement claiming to help teach people how to get rich online. The crooks asked me to pay Rs. 1000 (i’m from India) so that they can send me all the whole package. You know what they sent? A CD with some web pages (probably copied some good websites) and links to websites like adsense, clickbank, cj and more. There were many paid to click and paid to read email types of websites. When I called them, they instructed me to register on each and every website and then I’ll earn $1000 per day. I registered on many and most of them rejected me. Started to read emails. Earnings remained less than $1 after a month. When I tried to contact those crooks, their phone number was not reachable (probably changed). That was a SCAM.

    That was a good lesson for me. Now I’m learning things by reading blogs. Shared my story, so that other novice users don’t fall into such traps.

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