Microblogr : Micro Blogging Social Network

May 29, 2008 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Microblogr is a new social networking and micro blogging community, that was started by Cosmin Ghiu in September 2007. Microblogr allows you to instantly connect and collaborate with your friends while discovering new friends and maintaining your micro blog.


The front page of Microblogr shows a featured photo, members list and some latest posts. Every member has a profile page that shows some information about the member and his/her latest activity on Microblogr. The blog posts looks simple. And I like it, because it is a microblogging platform.

Microblogr will have a Text Message (SMS) feature that will allow you to instantly communicate with short messages to all friends in your network/profile. I am sure that it will make them different from majority of other similar services. Right now, it is in Alpha stage and accepting new members to test drive the system. Give it a try!


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