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October 1, 2008 $ Written by EarnBlogger

Want to add an interesting widget on your blog? Need a third party help? Take a look at the Wowzio, a service that provides beautiful and engaging widgets for blogs. Their service is free and you don’t have to register for an account to use their beautiful and customizable widgets on your blogs.

Wowzio Logo

Wowzio offers a number of interesting blog widgets. For example: gallery widget, tagcloud widget, slideshow widget, feed content widget, visitor activity widget etc.

  • Gallery Widget: It automatically finds all the pictures on your blog and creates a beautiful photo gallery from them for you. And the interesting point is that each photo links to its corresponding post. It can help you to prompt your readers to spend more time on your blog.

  • Live Activity Widget: This widget provides you and your users with a “live” feed of the visits to your blog or site. It shows where your visitors came from and what they are doing on you blog.

  • Panoramic SlideShow Widget: This widget automatically finds all the images on your blog and creates a beautiful slideshow from them for you where each image links to its corresponding post. So, it provides an elegant and simple way for users to discover the best content on your blog.

  • Tagcloud Widget: This widget displays the top tags found on your blog. It automatically extract your post tags, technorati tags, as well as auto-extracts tags, then scores them based on recency, frequency and placement. When a user clicks on a tag, it displays the matching blog posts inside the tagcloud widget frame.

  • Feed Content Widget: This widget displays the most recent 50 posts from your blog alongwith images. You can also use it to aggregate feeds from upto 15 different feed sources.

Wowzio Sample

The widgets from Wowzio are not only beautiful, but also very engaging for blog visitors. They don’t put any extra load on your server, as they are controlled by Wowzio servers. Even your visitors can share your interesting content by using the “Grab This Widget” links on Wowzio widgets. So, visit Wowzio today and spice up your blog with a cool widget.

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  1. I love this application and I am now currently running a widget on my site. Am grateful for sharing this amazing application with all of us :) Hope there are more fun and functional stuff :)

  2. Wowzio is accepting only 25 bloogers a day now.I got it three of my blogger blogs but its diffcult to get for the new blog.


  3. Wowzio is not giving widgets for online,you have to request by email and if you lucky then you will get this widget.They claims that review the content of blog before giving this widget for your blog/website.

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